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LOOK: A Young Couple Bought an Old House, What They Found Hidden In The Basement Really Surprised Them

Buying an old house has lots of pros and cons. According to there are several advantages and disadvantages of owning one.

One advantage is the cost, you will probably pay less for an older home though this depends of its condition and location.
Another thing is the availability and furnishing. You can move in immediately since you don't have to wait for the developer’s finishing touches.

For older homes the most common drawback is the renovation. Old houses are more likely to experience problems which include roof damage, basement, plumbing etc. thus it needs cash to make this renovation possible.

Just like the young couple who bought an older house built in 1940's, they had to renovate the old house which led them to discover something odd.

Since the house was built in 1940's, it has already multiple owners over the last decades and needs a lot of fixing and remodeling.

The young couple remodelled the house bit by bit by themselves since they were short of money to complete the overhaul.

Right after they have finished working on the first and second floor, they have decided to work on the basement because it was really in a bad shape.

They had to clean it up first and tried to make it looks nice without spending too much money.

The current owner said

“I am a 35 years old do-it-yourselfer, so I had remodeled everything on the first and second floors when it came time to remodel the basement,” the current owner said.”

As they started peeling the wall they found unusual writings and drawings. Much to their surprise, they’ve learned that the original owners were Nazi supporters due to the swastikas scratched onto the walls.

As the remodelling continued and they took the ceiling down in one of the basement ceiling. They have discovered something that has changed their life forever.

They found a box hidden next to the pipe. Their hearts were pounding as they were scared what they could see inside the box.

They took the box outside, as they lift and move it, they were pretty sure it was not empty.

We took the box outside. It had something inside, but nothing heavy like coins or gold bars. I thought I might get lucky, though,” one of the owners recalled.

They were expecting some old items, like vintage sports card or old recipe.

“We were starting to guess a lot at this point. My wife thought we would find some old recipes, I thought we might discover some vintage sports cards.”

As they opened it up, they came across an old newspaper dated March 25, 1951 which indicated that the box was hidden in the basement ceiling by the original owner of the house.

The date on the newspaper must be near the time the box was hidden,” the owners said.

The couple also discovered an odd package underneath the old newspaper which wrapped in what looked like a wax paper.

As they unwrapped it, they found 20, 50 and 100-dollar-bills.

The couple got excited, thinking maybe it was a practical joke and they were even start looking for the hidden camera around the house.

“We were freaking out. This doesn’t happen to us! What do we do? Where are the cameras?”

“We didn’t get a picture opening each package, our excitement overwhelmed us,” the couple admitted.

“We spent hours making an inventory of everything we found in the box. We decided that we needed to have the special bills appraised and talk to a lawyer about how to proceed.”

They eventually got $23,000 cash which has the same value of $200,000 today. The paper bills were from 1928-1934, which some of them were rare like a couple of brown notes , a gold certificate and star bills.

“This was a wild ride for us. We are boring people and have been dumping our extra money to pay off our mortgage and that is where this money will go too,” the couple said.

The couple then went on with their normal life and little did they know they would discover more.

Then one day when his wife was at work, the man then continued working on the ceiling.
He was again surprised and couldn’t believe to find another box which was identical to the first one and it was hidden the same way like the other.

He dusted it off and waited for his wife to return. “I sat and stared at it, and cleaned my precious for hours while waiting for my wife to get home,” the man said.

As they opened the second box there was another newspaper on the top, it was again dated the same year 1951.

There, inside the box was stacked with 20-dollar bills, the couple then decided to contact an estate lawyer about some legal aspects.

They also did further investigation regarding with the money and soon found out that the original owner of the house had died in 1960 without descendants. In other words, all the money hidden in the basement was legally theirs.

“All the money is in the bank and will be paid toward our mortgage, minus taxes. We seriously had to make an appointment and sit there and watch them count it all out. It was great fun,” the couple said.

True enough, There are natural consequences to our actions. The world operates under the law of cause and effect. As the couple believe what you sow is what you reap.

“We are generally good people. We try to help others when we can. Acts of kindness go a long way.” The couple said

Netizens what do you think about the couple’s story? Do you think they were just lucky or it was actually a blessing from God because of their good deeds? Share your thoughts with us!
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