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LOOK: Ozamiznons Nagpakita ng Supporta kay Jovie Espinido

It’s a rare scene in Ozamiz that the locals in the said city publicly expressed their views against the Parojinog family.

The rally was attended by the locals who wore white t-shirt.

During a community prayer in front of Ozamiz City Hall on Sunday led by Pastor Nathaniel Dinoro, a group of Ozamiznons expressed their joy to the downfall of the Parojinogs, a practice that extremely dangerous during the past years.

“Justice has been served” this is the words written on the placards carried by one of the locals who attended the rally.

Some even expressed their support to Ozamiz City Chief of Police Senior Inspector Jovie Espenido who led the biggest and most successful anti-drug raid in the history of the said city which resulted to the death of former Mayor Aldong Parojinog and Board Member Octavio Parojinog.

Some of the locals who attended the rally claimed that they were victimized by the alleged abuse of power of the Parojinogs.

It seems that some locals from Ozamiz were confident that they already achieved the freedom that they wished for so many years.

According to PCI Jovie Espenido, this activity would show to the whole world that Ozamiz City is safe place to live in.

The rally happened exactly one week after the bloody raid which resulted to 16 deaths and to the downfall of the Parojinog clan which handled Ozamiz City for decades.

Locals said that you cannot openly criticized the Parojinogs and their name were feared for a long time because they were rumored as the family who silenced their critics and opponents.

One example is the death of Cosme Maestrado also known as “Mr. Ratsada” who got ambushed four months after he released an exposé about the alleged illegal drug business of Ozamiz Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog Echavez.

The parents of Maestrado believes that one of the members of the Parojinog clan ordered to silence Mr. Ratsada, but they didn’t filed a case against the powerful family.

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