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Look: "Huli ka Balbon" Netizens Reacts after Chiz Escudero's photos with Nova Princess And Mayor Parojinog Circulate Online

Keep in mind what Sen. Escudero said in response to the ridiculous police assault in Ozamiz that 'Duterte administrator can't ensure you forever'?

"These will all be a short-lived. I trust our cops won't have short memories. Yung dalawampung taon nga ni Marcos, natapos din eh,” Escudero added.

Escudero was denouncing the police associated with the pre-day break assault that killed Mayor Aldong Parojinog of Ozamiz City and some family members.

Over seven days after the fact, photographs of Chiz Escudero circulate online together with the Parojinogs, Mayor Aldong and Nova Princess in their home turf.

The photographs have circulated around the web since it initially surfaced under 24 hours since a specific Mel Lei transferred the Chiz Esudero photographs.

Netizens said that the photographs with the Parojinogs that appeared via web-based networking media clarifies the motivation behind why Sen. Escudero said those words in response to the bloody rain in Ozamiz that brought about the passings of the Parojinogs and his men.

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