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LOOK: China Shopping Mall Heavily Critized by Netizens After Organizing Lingerie Show Featuring Young Girls!

A Chinese Shopping Mall has caught the ire of netizens after recently holding an event where in young girls are hosted in a  fashion runway wearing skimpy lingerie a la Victoria's Secret Show.

Images posted online shows child models walking in swimwear paired with colorful accesories including a pair of giant angel wings.

The event has caused an uproar online where web users condemned the organisers for provoking the sexual image of underage girls.   

Social media account 'Tianfusanjie' reported that a shopping mall in Chengdu, China's Sichuan Province carried out a Victoria's Secret-like fashion show on August 5.

Young girls can be seen dressed in two-piece lingerie along with decorations such as feathers and gems. 

With their makeup and hair done, the models looked poised on the catwalk while the audience took snaps of them.  

A girl can be seen donning a yellow triangle bikini top and a matching bottom in gemstones, wrapped with fairy lights.
Majority of the young girls were given a massive headpiece and a pair of angel wings or a long train.

It's uncertain how old the girls are but the show has sparked argument on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media account.

Web users accused the show for sexualising underage girls with the image of Victoria's Secret's models:

USERNAME 'Feliciaaaaa' asked for children to be given their right to be children. 

USERNAME   'BTS_PJM_' worried that there were pedophiles watching the show and warned the parents to protect their children.

Another user had asked:'What kind of parent sends their daughters to this?' 

Victoria's Secret managed to enter the Chinese market five months prior opening its first full store in Shangai District.

The lingerie brand trade its products using sensual images of models with svelte figures that attracts millions of fans across the globe.

There have been a lot of similar fashion shows copying Victoria's Secret's style with wings and accessories in China although this lingerie show has upset a lot of parents online.

One parent said: 'If I have a daughter, I would definitely not allowed her to go on shows like this.'

Another parent commented that she would not let her children to do this.

Most web users conveyed their displeasure as they thought the fashion show had misapprehend the meaning of childhood.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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