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LOOK: Celebrities Who Went Through 'BODY SHAMING' Gets Significant Decrease In Weight Loss!

Weight loss is not a joke. It's hard and it needs a lot of determination. There is no shortcuts that can be effective as proper exercise and balanced diet.

Even celebrities, rich and famous are struggling with weight problems. Everyone who wants to be fit put their hardwork, discipline and determination.

From their overweight selves these Filipino celebrities shared how weight-loss gained them confidence and a healthy mind and body.

Today, Iza Calzado is a true "fitspiration' but the 'A Love To Last' actress had weight loss journey relatable to everyone.

When Calzado was 16, she experienced obesity and she thought she could 'fix' it though starvation and diet pills. She even had liposuction when she stepped into show business. However, after realizing that there's no shortcut to a fit and healthy body, she finally had a well balanced diet and did a regular exercise. You would see the result on the shape she has now.

Just this recent, KC posted on her Instagram account her goal to achieve the #BestBodyEver

It was known that after her Grandmother Elaine Gamboa passed away, having the dengue virus and pneumonia did no good on her body too.

Now, she focuses on a lifestyle change in eating, exercising, resting, stress management and being good to the mind and body everyday.

Anne Curtis' fiance, Celebrity blogger Erwan, had experienced being fat. He lost weight when he started to give up his bad habits such as drinking and partying, however, he didn't gain muscle.

A year later he committed fully to the cause and even started joining triathlons which toned and slim him. Erwan eventually found the right method after experiencing various workout regimens.

Erwan's sister, Solenn, who recently visited in Marawi, also revealed that she was once bullied for her weight along with her towering height.

She was hospitalized when she was 13 due to her crash diet of half an apple a day.

Things turned around after her mother invited her for yoga. Since then, Solenn thrived for fitter and healthier body eventually achieving it with a determined mindset. 

Billy Joe had also struggled on his weight and admitted getting hurt when his colleagues joke him about it.

Crawford spent his five month stay in France working out, biking, swimming and dieting. He also seizes the opportunity that rice isn't what normally eaten in France. Billy also joined a triathlon in France which led to a much fitter body after he came back to the Philippines.

Raymond Gutierrez who is Erwan's friend felt unhappy with his weight and eventually his self. Host, Raymond started his weight loss.

Several months after, Raymond is now a "re-invented" version and much better figure of himself. Weighing only about 195 pounds, his remarkable transformation is certainly a ‘fitspiration’ to all.

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