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The mind only becomes agitated because of the conditioning in place and as long as there’s awareness of this, you don’t have to take on the burden of it being your fault which allows you to move on.

We will all do things from time to time that’s selfish in nature due to our conditioning and although this isn’t an excuse to condone when this is done, if you can realize it’s not your fault, this selfish energy won’t bind you up and you can move on. I know a lot of beautiful people who have hearts of gold and yet they fall short of anything like perfect adherence to the principle of always acting from a place of love and life is not really about that anyway. Understanding it’s not your fault when you act in a selfish manner actually lessens the control this energy has over you. It doesn’t lessen the responsibility incurred by the action, but by not holding on to a moment of selfishness and reliving it over and over, it’s power dissipates. For years I was selfish and it takes time to become unselfish, to me that this is even realized is the blessing; the behavior changes over time.

Most of my day is spent in a quiet place and although this is the place preferred, I know selfishness will arise, but it’s not my fault, it only arises because of the conditioning in place. The selfishness usually last seconds or minutes at the most, so why hold on to it as I know there will be hours spent in love. If I had the choice I would never be selfish, but that’s not realistic because of the conditioning in place. I do not condone nor ignore this, but my experience has been, by not giving the selfishness power to fester and grow, it arises less and less. The only reason the quietness is ever interrupted is because of the established conditioning and as long as there’s awareness of this, I don’t have to take on the burden of it being my fault which allows me to move on and return to a place of love.

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