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Everything should be considered small stuff in life because nobody gets out alive and regardless of how tight life is held onto, one day just like that it’s over along with everything that one attaches to.

When you can see that all things pass, everything is considered small stuff because it is. Even being diagnosed with a terminal illness is small stuff because it too will come to pass whether you accept it or not. I’m fifty nine years old and I can’t really pinpoint where that time has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was in my twenty’s. Life is a phenomenon because of how everything passes. When one lives strictly from the mind, it’s difficult to experiences the beauty of life. Nobody gets out alive regardless of how tight life is held onto and one day just like that it’s over along with everything that one has attached to.

We make mountains out of molehills when there’s no awareness that all things pass. Looking at everything as though it is small stuff is invaluable as a tool because it allows you to not attach to things which makes even life itself become small. Everything is the small stuff and if it’s not seen in this way, instantly the mind comes into play and bondage follows, and where there’s bondage there’s suffering. This suffering is created because it’s not seen that everything passes including life itself so what’s the point in attaching to anything because one day and no one knows when that day will be, life will end. So regardless of how tight anything is held onto, it all becomes small stuff simply because it will all come to pass.

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