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The Conditioned Mind is marred in darkness and because of this the world is the way it is. Not enough people see the light and even though the light is always there, it needs to be noticed so one can turn towards it.

All light has illuminance properties, that’s why when one sees the light they’re illuminated from their bondage. Look at a plant, it begins as a seed, it has potential, but it’s still only a seed. You can put it in soil, water it and give it all the nutrients possible, but without the illumination of light, the transformation from seed to plant will not occur. This illuminating light is the source of life. There are exceptions to this rule as with deep sea creatures or those in caves, but for the most part it is light that illuminates. Go into a dark room and turn on the light, there’s an instant illumination of the room. The walls come alive with color, the furniture and design of the room are also intensified. Without the light the room still exist, but its vibrance is hidden.

When one wakes up to experience the illumination of light, it’s the lights energy that becomes one’s source just as it is with a plant or a room. You can be in the dark your entire life, but once there’s light the darkness is gone forever. It may return somewhat because of one’s conditioning, but it will never be as dark as it once was, it can’t because there will always be some light. This illuminating light is truth revealed, (one’s internal energy of love) and it’s impossible to consciously turn it off. As stated before it will turn off only because of one’s unconscious conditioning, but this light is always on because it’s the light (the source) of our existence and the true essence (love) of who we are. The Conditioned Mind is grounded in darkness and the world is the way it is because not enough people see the light. The light is always there, it just needs to be noticed so one can turn towards it.

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