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Finding peace is like finding a lost city, there are many maps out there that just don’t lead to what you’re looking for. And if you think the map you’re using is the correct one, why are you still looking for the lost city?

Think of waking up as if you have be given a map to a lost city. Not everyone gets this map and even those who do, not all of them find the lost city. So the question to ask is even though you have the map, are you reading it correctly? I only say you have the map because you’re reading this, but are the directions clear or are you only using the directions that suit you. I’m not saying I have the only map, but I have been shown the way to the lost city. You don’t have to believe me, as a matter of fact I don’t want you to believe me, I want nothing more than for you to investigate and find the map to the lost city on your own, but I will tell you this, unless you are willing to use a proven map that allows the lost city to be found, you will be going in circles for a very long. And you will constantly be looking for another map because if you haven’t found the lost city by now, it’s because you have the wrong map. You may stumble upon the lost city by accident and if you want life to be like a game of chance that’s up to you, I have outlined the route to the lost city, but I cannot make anyone use the map given to me.

Now you can keep using the map that keeps you going in circles or you can keep looking for another map, but all I’m saying is I have been given the map, it’s not my map, I used mine and many others for years to no avail. It wasn’t until I knew I didn’t have the map that I was open enough for the real map and the Universe gave it to me. I’m not arrogant in saying this, I know there was a major shift in my view of life that had nothing to do with me. I share this constantly to possibly show others you too can find the lost city within. I share the map given to me, but I only have it because there was a willingness to receive it. It will take a willingness to forget about your own map and perseverance to keep going when the going gets tough, but the most important thing to realize is this, you may think you have the right map in your possession, but if you do why haven’t you found the lost city?

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