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Female Model That Sells SOCKS Online Criticized By Netizens Because She Has "TOO MANY TATTOOS".

Regardless of the stance you decide to take on the subject of tattoos, fact is: everyone has an opinion. These opinions tend to take on a very polarizing position as well, typically being quite revering of, or strictly opposed to. Why is this?
At the end of the day tattoos are just drawings placed on someone’s flesh, so why does this so often come with such an unnecessary debate?

Older generations have tried to drill into our minds the ideas regarding what tattoos say about someone?—?that people who have them are thugs, jailbirds, lowlifes and so on. That very well may have been the case decades ago, when the process of getting a tattoo was a much more complicated and rare practice, but nowadays getting a tattoo is easier than getting a passport photo.

The most recent victim of tattoo-shaming is this model who posed with socks they were selling online. Instead of commenting about the products they sold, netizens instead slammed her for her ‘excessive’ tattoos. Netizens called her names and said extreme things about her.

A netizen even told her that she should be in jail because of her tattoos. Another netizen told her that she looked like a ‘prostitute’ and that she should cover up a bit. Though there were some people who defended the woman, most of the comments were insults and negative about her tattoos.

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