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As long as you are alive the next moment will happen, and how that moment is evaluated determines the direction and type of energy for that moment and thus for your life.

If someone is telling a story that’s suppose to be funny, there will be an evaluation on your part and you will laugh if it’s evaluated as funny. If you go to the doctor for a check up and you get a call from the office the doctor wants to see you, that moment will be evaluated and depending on the energy it’s given determines what happens next. This goes on for every moment of everyday and although this isn’t consciously done, it is done nonetheless. Becoming aware of this evaluation process will allow you to create a sliver of space between the moment and the evaluation which can possibly alleviate jumping to conclusions so quickly. Mostly that’s what we do, we instantly evaluate the moment and just go with the conditioning that’s in place without considering what we are about to do. We very seldom have all of the facts about what’s happening, we mostly deal with each moment with a knee jerk reaction.

There’s not much space between our thoughts so there’s not much truth to our evaluations as each moment arises. Knee jerk reactions were how my life was lived all the time and it’s why there was a lack of harmony and peace in my life. This has lessened to a degree, but even when it does happen, it’s let go of a lot quicker because of the awareness it’s happening. To me life is simply about becoming more aware of the things in place that take me from my place of peace. After all when one is able to evaluate each moment for what it truly is, two things that would be at the forefront of each evaluation would be “How important is it” and “This too shall pass.”

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