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BF Tests Girlfriend's Loyalty Before A Marriage Proposal, But Didn't Expect What Happened Next!

Confronting challenges is typical in any sort of relationship; it really makes the bond stronger and matured. And sometimes, these difficulties will uncover other party's true nature. 

One Facebook user shared his friend's experience of putting her long-time girlfriend to a test before proposing a marriage to her. 

Unfortunately, they both didn't pass the test the guy started. This is how it goes: 

According to an anonymous Netizen, his friend decided to propose to the girl she loved, after 2 years of being together. His friend, decided to put the girl on test by asking a "cool off". 

The space went on for 2 days, they didn't hear anything from each other and accidentally bumped to each other. He saw his girlfriend dating another guy. To his surprise, he even found out that his girlfriend wasn't dating only one man but she entertained a lot of men. 

Then, his temper was put on test and he lose, as he hit the girl which causes visible bruises on her face.

Social Media was just around the corner, so the girl decided to post it online and it was mobbed a lot of hate comments for the guy who had started this test.

The guy also posted a picture of the supposedly engagement ring on his timeline. 

Since the guy has getting all the blame, 'to the rescue', the unnamed concerned friend, posted their story on what really happened. 

The friend was saying on the post that the girl has having a lot of affair even after the test happened. And he advise the bashers that before you tend to bash people online, make sure to know the whole story. 

What can you say about the guy’s action? Do you think the lady deserved to be treated that way because of what she’s done? Share us your thoughts on the comments section.

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