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You Already Found The One When You Experienced 10 Out Of These 19 Illustrations of True Love.

Did you oftentimes ask what is love and how you would know if it's really love you're feeling? They said,
It’s only when something is lacking that we begin to analyze and contemplate what that thing actually is.

Picture out someone who's infront of you what a clubhouse sandwich is, and of course, you wouldn't give a definite answer if you yourself haven't experienced eating one.

So if you come to this article and still asking "what is love", it probably means you haven't fallen in love yet so deeply.

Let us share to you the meaning of love artistically with these 19 images created by South Korean artist Puuung who
 shares everyday moments of love via her IG and Facebook. Here are our 19 most favorite illustration of Puuung. 

1. You know you're in love when you enjoy doing something you love while you he's just comfortably sitting with you doing different thing. 

2. You know he's the one when that person keeps on popping out of your head even when you are busy. You just can't stop thinking about him.

3. It's pure love when you take care of a person even she doesn't know he has been taking care of. You just want to do things for that person without asking in return. 

4. When you give free service to someone, that's one sign you are deeply in love. You act as her servant because you just enjoy making her happy.

5. Instead of going out with your friends, you enjoy staying together and do things cooperatively. 

6. You like travelling together. Even on the worst situation you encounter, you know how to make each other comfortable and at ease. 

7. When you are not afraid to show your craziness. Having someone you can be a kid with is beautiful.

8. You enjoy the company of each other even when that means, you'll be just silent and chill. 

9. You won't be worried if he taste your food. You have this sense of "oneness". 

10. You know how to play along. You may feel sometimes that you both are just against the world.

11. You always have a carefree attitude being together. 

12. You love to cuddle that person and you may seem to feel that he's the one when you are able to sleep without being conscious on your looks when you wake up the next morning. 

13. Making mistakes is fine. He/she wouldn’t blame you for petty things.

14. You may fight on some things, but you know how to cheer up after.

15. You go out on a dinner date not minding the time, just you and that person and the lovely night.

16. True love means trusting someone to help you get ready for the day. You're not afraid that he might hurt you. 

17. When you're just happy and content to be with someone, and one good movie is a bonus. 

18. You love hearing stories of that person. You keep asking for a time to have a little chit chat, in person or via call. 

19. You aren’t afraid to show your fragile side. No matter what happens, he’d tell you everything is going to be alright. 

Have you experienced 10 out of 19? Then you must be in love. You may follow your heart in love, but please always consider your brains.

Share us your opinions and comment down your thoughts.

Source: Life Hack

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