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WATCH: A Woman Caught Her Bestfriend Sleeping Naked With Her Boyfriend, And This Is What She Did to Her!

Have you seen this brutal girl-on-girl beatdown yet? This video is proof that hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially a woman with decent ground-and-pound striking.

According to comments on social media, the shirtless man is the boyfriend and the girl with impressive striking skills is his girlfriend. She apparently caught her boyfriend sleeping with one of her friends, leading to a girl-on-girl beatdown reminiscent of old school MMA fights.

You can almost hear Joe Rogan commentate on the extremely one-sided fight. “She’s taking some real heavy shots, Mike. If she doesn’t start intelligently defending herself, the ref is going to be forced to stop the fight!”

Seriously, the last time we saw such a brutal series of punches, hammer fists, face kicks, and foot stomps was in Japan’s PRIDE FC, a now-defunct fighting organization that allowed brain-damaging soccer kicks to the skull of a grounded opponent.

Surprisingly, despite the brutal beatdown, the girl on the receiving end of the violence even had the nerve to talk back to her attacker, which just led to even more aggressive strikes from the scorned girlfriend. If the incident didn’t happen on a bed and instead happened on the streets, this girl would probably be in a coma or the morgue.
Also, instead of pulling off his angry girlfriend or doing anything to the stop the violence, the boyfriend just walks out of the room and avoids confrontation altogether: a smart, but not exactly gentlemanly, move.
In the 24 hours since it was published, the video has already garnered more than 7.7 million views, 13,000 likes, and more than 11,000 comments from concerned netizens.

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