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WATCH: Two Mothers Lambasted By Netizens After Their Babies Video Circulated Online. FInd Out Why!

Ear Piercing in children has been around for ages.In some countries it is part of their culture and tradition, somehow it has continued to become worldwide and until it becomes fashion statement.

Pediatric resident Suzanne Rossi said that based from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), she noted, has one major recommendation: “Postpone ear piercings until the child is mature enough to take care of the pierced site herself. She added “"That's clearly the best way to reduce the risk of infection,"
Despite the risks, still may parents wanted to get their babies ears pierced at such a young age.

Two mothers have faced controversy after videos emerged online, showing their four-month old babies crying while getting their ears pierced.

Mommy Crystal Lynn, 34, from Florida gained negative comments from netizens when the video 
circulated online. In the video her 4 month-old baby was screaming out loud after both ears pierced. It took about 30 second of wailing but soon enough the baby appears to be fine.
Netizens criticised the mother , saying that it was “cruel”

One netizen comment:  'Why would you want to cause your baby pain when it is meant to be mum who protects them? Let them choose when they are old enough!'

Another posted: 'Cruel, just cruel. Hope mum is happy putting her lovely daughter through this trauma.'


Then another mommy from Hull Rebeka Muson 23, also gained criticism after a video of her baby Madison getting her ears pierced emerged online. The video was shared on Piercing Facebook  group wherein netizens lambasted Rebekka, they even described it “child abuse” and saying “it should be illegal”  

Both Rebeka and Crystal explained themselves that it is better to get their babies ears pierced while they are still young.

Rebeka said: 'Did she cry? Yes for a split second. Do I regret it? No.
  'She looks beautiful in her earrings, and she loves to change her earrings when mummy does and wears all different ones.'

Click video to watch:  VIDEO

Meanwhile, for Crystal said her daughter now five, doesn't ever remember getting her ear pierced.She also  wants to spread awareness of piercing children's ears at such a young age.

She stated: 'We chose to pierce our daughter's ears at a young age because it is proven that most who wait until they are older, around the age of 5-10 years of age, usually end up with an infection because they don't stop touching them,' she said.
'When you pierce them young they don't feel, but maybe 30 seconds of pain, if any pain at all and we as parents take care of the piercing and they are less likely to mess with them.'

'Emily, who was four months old at the time, does not remember the piercing at all - and she loves her earrings.
'If at anytime she wants to take them out - then she can.'

So netizens, when do you think is the best time for your daughters to get their ear pierced? When then are still young? Or when they are old enough to take care of the pierced site herself?

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