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WATCH: Nag-viral Ang Video ng mga Babaeng Sundalo na Sumabak sa Gyera sa Marawi

The Video shows these brave female soldiers placing themselves at great risk in the fight against terror. Just like any other soldier, they have sworn an oath to fight against the forces that threaten the peace and sovereignty of our noble nation. These gallant women are a shining beacon of bravery amid the hostile landscape of the Marawi battle zone. Although the two women in the photo have ye to be identified, we can be sure that they are not the only females serving the AFP.

Netizens couldn’t help but be impressed by the courage exhibited by these female soldiers. Many of them praised these femme fatales for their seeming lack of fear even in the face of the forces of terror. The Marawi conflict has already claimed countless lives, from brave soldiers to innocent civilians, but these stalwart women remain unfazed and ready for battle.

Watch Video Below!


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