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WATCH: Maute Group Nag-release ng Video, Bihag Nadiskubre

Camp Ranao, Marawi City – Remains of approximately four to six persons were discovered by govt troops on Wednesday July 12 at about 9:47AM in a place believed to be one of the execution sites used by the Maute/ASG terrorists in murdering civilians in Marawi City

Troops of the 51st Infantry Battalion found orange clad remains of individuals believed to be victims of cold blooded execution by terrorists.

The skeletal remains are believed to be that of six individuals whom the Maute/ASG executed in the early part of the crisis as shown on the video released by them and posted on the internet.

Lt. Gen Carlito Galvez Jr., Commander of WestMinCom said, “the brutal execution is proof of their Un-Islamic ways, these terrorists do not respect anyone or anything”.

“While these terrorists kill people indiscriminately respecting no one in trying to disect our land, our soldiers will continue to liberate Marawi bearing in mind that this city belongs to our Maranao brothers and sisters; and this land belongs to the Filipino people”, Lt. Gen. Galvez adds.

Brig. Gen. Rolando Joselito Bautista, the Commander of Joint Task Force Marawi condemned the brutal ways of the Maute/ASG. “This brutal and inhuman actions of the Maute/ASG will not go unpunished. Our soldiers will do everything in their power to bring these terrorists to justice. We owe this to the victims, we owe this to our people” Brig. Gen. Baustista said.

“We will pursue the Maute/ASG terrorists who attacked and caused the destruction of Marawi. We will make the Maute/ASG terrorists accountable in the destruction of Marawi and the countless crimes they committed against our Maranao brothers and sisters; and the whole Filipino nation”, Brig. Gen. Bautista concluded.

A total of 39 cadavers of civilians killed by terrorists were previously recovered by troops. With the additonal six, this brings to 45 the total number of remains of victims recovered by troops.

It is believed that there could be more people who were mercilessly murdered by the Maute/ASG terrorists for defying their orders to loot or shoot at soldiers, or follow their evil whims and caprices as revealed by hostages rescued by govt forces but authorities cannot include them in the tally since the basis of the counting is actual body recovered or remains duly examined by forensic experts.

Col. Garcia also released to the media, a video from the Maute Group.

The video shows the kind of enemy the Armed Forces is facing. The air strikes in Marawi City has intensified since Monday.

The video was shared to a group chat of journalists covering the Marawi crisis.

The release of the video was also indicated in the official press release from the AFP.

We are posting the video shared and released by the military to the media covering the Marawi crisis. WATCH VIDEO BELOW

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