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WATCH: Kagimbal-gimbal na Dahilan Kung Bakit Na Cancel ang Marawi Visit ni Pres.Duterte

The tough-talking President of the Republic of the Philippines who was seen in a camouflage uniform cancelled his trip to Marawi City for the second time was due to the bad weather experienced by his team on their way to city.

PCOO Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson accompanied and interviewed Pres. Duterte who explained the reasons why their trip to Marawi was cancelled for the second time. During the first time the President wanted to visit the city, bad weather hindered his visit.

Watch the Exclusive Interview of Mocha Uson with Pres. Duterte:

For the same reason of a bad weather, the chopper carrying the President and his team found it difficult to land in the areas of Marawi due to poor visibility. The team of the President decided to land instead in Iligan City.

Pres. Duterte and his team decided to visit the 2nd Mechanized Infantry (Magbalantay) Brigade, Light Armor Division, Philippine Army located in Barangay Maria Cristina, Iligan City.

According to President Duterte, he wanted to visit the soldiers and police fighting in Marawi because he don't want himself to be seen only during peace time but also during war time to show his camaraderie with his troops battling the terrorists elements in Mindanao.

When Mocha Uson asked if he wants to die in Marawi because he wanted to visit the area of conflicts, the President responded that "anyday is a good day to die."

Source: Mocha Uson Blog FB Page


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