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WATCH HERE: "Bags Are Investment" Kris Aquino Shows Her Glamorous Vintage Chanel Bag Collection!

We all know that Kris Aquino is one of the wealthiest celebrities in the Philippines, and that she can buy every material things she want.

Kris Aquino showcases her collection of Chanel Vintage Bags wherein she said that these bags are investment. 

On the 12 minute video, Kris confirmed that she likes bags but clarified that she loves shoes more. She even scale it from 1 to 10, she will choose 10 for the shoes. 

"May excuse na ako. Nakahanap ako ng dahilan sa mga kapatid ko, my sisters. Kasi they said, 'Okay, Krissy how many bags do you really need? And how many pairs of shoes?' And then sabi ko, 'No. Ang Chanel may meaning because it reminds me of mom. Initials niya.'" Kris Aquino said. 

Together with her is the two people who knows vintage bags really well.  

Aimee of LoveLuxeBags, a personal shopper who have been in the industry for 9 years, turning 10 in December. 

Trisha Cuason, one of the owners of Vintage Restore. They repair and restore vinatge and designer bags, also in the business for 10 years.

Her collection started when she noticed that the vintage bags in a section of Lane Crawford in Hong Kong are so expensive. 

"Ano ba yung drama ng vintage na yan?", she asked Aimee.
And she began to be obsessed watching in YouTube and the tips on how to know if your vintage bag Chanel is real or fake. 

And because they have researched, Kris wants to share the knowledge with all of us. Here are those tips: 

Series is very important to know when it was made. Chanel started with serial number in the early 80's. 

The first serial numbers are only 6 digits. So that's 1985 and below. 

In 1986, they started having 7 digit serial numbers. And they started with 0. (which Kris relates it to EDSA Revolution with a hard laugh. Humorously rationalizing her luxurious bags collections).

Aimee said that almost all the famous International lady celebrities are into "Vintage". 

Since Chanel is a French Brand. According to  Trisha, although qualitywise there's not much of a difference. But people will want to get something that is made in France because Chanel is already an institution in France. 

All the gold hardware should have markings that signifies that it's plated in 22 to 24 Karat Gold. 

It's important that you put pillows or stuffers on your bags as the Lamb skin are soft and that may preserve the form and may avoid deformation of the bags. 

It is suggested that if you buy bags, you use it and air it out. At least once a week. 

Oh, yan ah! Kasi... INVESTMENT talaga to!" Kris Aquino pointed out. 

You can watch the full video here: 

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