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VIRAL NOW : NSULTO PA MORE! -- Indie Director Brillante Mendoza criticized the skin pores of the President during his SONA, made fun by netizens

“Pore shots” at “State of Duterte’s Pores”.
The netizens have called on the extreme close-up shots used by indie director Brillante Mendoza, who was disturbed on the second state of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Various reactions were received by the director's zoom-in on the president's face as he gave his speech.
Some people noticed the face-pores of the president and made fun of it saying, it was bigger than the Philippines' GDP.
Some also said they could not focus on listening to the president's SONA because they were distracted by the presidential pores and wrinkles.
There are other Twitter netizens who said Duterte needed help from a well-known dermatologist, Vicky Belo.
Meanwhile, there were also a defense against the President.
According to the other Twitter users, it is important to listen and to understand the content of the speech of the president rather than noticing its pores and wrinkles.
Earlier, Mendoza was also disturbed by the president's first SONA, which allegedly used the worm's eyeview shots by the president.

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