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ULTIMATE THROWBACK: 10 Filipino Celebrities Before They Were Famous!

Celebrities are charged with the task of having the most recognizable faces in the show business, an unavoidable side effect of having your look constantly projected onto to the big screen. Still, we can't help but imagine a time when the these celebrities and personalities were just other faces in the crowd.

Here, we've compiled some amazing images of young celebrities before the height of their fame - take a peek at your favorite celebrities and superstars before they made their way into the fame.

1. Angel Locsin
One of the most popular star today, Angel Locsin, not only because of her beauty and acting also because of the pure heart she have for less fortunate. She is always ready to provide help to those who are in need. 

On the picture of her younger version, you can see that she is already confident but still not that glamorously looking as she is today. They said that Angel locsin was a swimmer before, and she's good at it. 

2. Apl De Ap
His story was featured before in Maalaala Mo Kaya. He grew up here in the Philippines, but when he turned 14, he moved to America and now famous internationally. 

Well, the picture clearly says that he lived a very normal life before. No fame and so simple. He may not have any idea he would become so popular someday. 

3.  Anne Curtis
This lady grew up so beautifully, from a cute little child to sexy fine woman. She started her career at the age of 12 when she was discovered and because of her charm and cuteness, she took it step by step until she got where she is today. 

4. Boy Abunda
Boy Abunda is one of the respected TV host. He is firm and straight with his opinion. His looks as you can see on the pic having much hair is really different from the Boy Abunda we know today. He is now known as the "King of the Talk"

5. Marian Rivera
Who doesn't know Marian Rivera? One of the most beautiful faces on earth with a perfect body. She has been so popular with her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of wife. She is now married to DingDing and a nurturing mom to daughter Maria Letiza. She's one of the most successful model and actress.

6.  Vice Ganda
One of the most popular host in ShowTime (an afternoon show). He always gives her best to make people laugh. Vice is known being so witty that he can make jokes on the spot. He's one of those who had a fabulous transformation. 

7. Raymond and Richard Gutierrez
Their popularity already echoes even when they are just little. It takes gutz to be a Gutierrez as they say, probably due to their strict mom. Richard is a famous actor and choreographer and his brother Raymond, now a well known host and a columnist. 

8. Iza Calzado
Iza is a proof that you can achieve anything if you want it. She was so chubby as a teenager as you can see on the pic. She has been very expressive of the things she's been through, on how she had achieve her perfect body today. Hardwork is the key as she said. Had been an inspiration to all the chubby ladies who wanted to lose weight. 

9. Toni Gonzaga
Toni is very much comitted to her work and she puts effort on everything that is being given to her. She got her limelight when she was discovered on a commercial with Piolo Pascual and there started everything. This woman can do it all. She's now a successful, singer, actress, TV host and comedian. 

10. Megan Young
Megan has always been beautiful and petite. On her picture, it shows how she was meant to her a crown someday. She got the Miss World title in 2013 and people in the Philippines is very proud of her. 

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