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Two Passengers Made Fun of A Man For His “Burger-Like” Smell, Now Writes A Message For Them. Find Out Here!

There is a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is metaphorical phrase which means you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone.

A netizen actually experienced this famous quotes,  but let’s rephrase it “Don’t judge a person by how he/she smells”. He  posted his story on his social media account about his experience with two jeepney passengers last July 12.

On his way home from school, Clint Rematado Gardose, a  working student recounted how two passengers ridiculed him for his “burger-like” smell.

Good thing,  Clint was able to control himself until he reached his destination.He has decided to write a lengthy post  on his Facebook which addressed to those people who mocked him. It is also his way to release his emotion and to inform them about what’s really behind that “burger-like” smell.

He described the two passengers wearing respectable clothes who secretly make fun of him for his smell. He tried to stay calm though he was aware that it was him whom they were referring to”

The male passengers even said that he doesn't even have money to buy soap.

He posted: “hi ateng nsa jeep knina at mga tropa mong classmate mo ata yun na binabaligtad nyo pa salita nyo na sinasabihan nyo ako na amoy burger? haha di nman ako galit don kasi totoo nman uminit lng yung ulo ko sa katabi kong lalake na tropa mo din na sabi “alaws pang ilib ng nobas” di ako b*b* alam kung pinag uusapan nyo kinakalma ko lng ang sarili ko.. ang gagalang pa nman ng suot nyo”

He explained that he is currently working at the fast food restaurant (Jollibee) as a service crew to support his college studies.

Clint narrated that he doesn't have much time to take a shower since he needed to rush himself to attend his classes after working over time.

“sana mkita mo tong post ko para malaman mo king bakit amoy burger ako haha galing kasi akong work nung time na yun tas accidentally na extended ako kya di nko msxado nag linis haha,” He posted.

He is not even ashamed by his smell because of this “burger-like” smell he’s able to finish his education. He’s now a graduating student.

“At saka diko nman kinahihiya yung amoy na yun dahil sa pagiging amoy burger graduating nako yun lng sa mga mkaka amoy ng burger wag kayo ma beast mode sarap kya nun,”

Clint now hopes that those two passengers who made fun of him read his post on his Facebook, so that they would know that the person they mocked is actually working hard to be able to achieve his dream.

Clint’s post now reached 34,795 shares, still counting and gained love and support from netizens as well.
However, Clint clarified on his post that he doesn't want to embarass anyone on his post. He just want to make them realize how lucky they are that they can study and go to school without the hardship he is facing now.

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