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Top 10 Food Servings That Went Too Far.

Food presentation is the art of modifying, processing, arranging, or decorating food to enhance its appeal. It is essential because it will make your customers happy and satisfied if it is done right.

The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts your eyes and makes you want to taste it because most customers eat with their eyes and creative plates enhances both the look and the taste of your food.

There’s a long history of food presentation since ancient Rome where banquet were important events and  for the Romans the overall purpose of a private banquet was entertainment, not only through live performances, but also through the presentation of the food itself.

So from ancient Rome up to these days where Hipster restaurant are very popular, food presentation still plays significant role to satisfy customers.
However, food presentation nowadays are sometimes exaggerated up to the point that it is really amusing.

Lets check some funny food presentation from hipster restaurants and which food is really mouthwatering? Or better say really funny?

10. Afternoon Tea In A Bookcase- “Well, if you consider yourself bookish then this food presentation is really good for you.”

9. Cake Cups- “Oh! it is literally cakes on the cups…”

8. I’m speechless- “I can’t really comment on this!”

7. The Guy At The Table Next To Me Has Just Been  Served The Most Sensational Scotch Egg. It Comes In A Trophy- “You must delighted to receive this award. Congratulation!”

6. The Final Boss of This Sub-  “ All in one meal”

5. Meet Served On A  Barbie Doll- “I guess it is actually inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat outfit at the 2010 MTV Video Music awards .”

4. We Recall The Time A Customer Ordered An Orange Juice And Was Presented With This- OMG! The message is pretty clear “Do it yourself”

3. Breakfast Shovel- “ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you need a lot of energy for your day’s work. Well, the shovel reminds you that!”

2. Fish And Chips On A Ferris Wheel. This Is Not A Drill. We Repeat , This Is Not A Drill-  Anyways, it’s pretty  cool!

1. All That For A Strawberry Cut In Half- “ Sit back and relax while your strawberry cut in a half is also relaxing on a chair”

If you were served this kinds of foods, will you be happy? Comment down your opinion and share us your thoughts. And by the way, would you consider paying if you'll be served with the strawberry just cut in half?

Source: Bored Panda

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