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THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK: A Netizen Was Criticized After Making A Meme Out of The Remains Of an OFW.

Grieving is a very hard process. It could hurt deep to the bones. Losing someone is always part of life but sometimes how we lose the people we love will have more bearing to the coping process you will be going through. 

Like with what this Netizen is going through. Yesterday afternoon (July 15, 2017), Valery Quedding posted a picture of the remains of her mother who died abroad. 

The caption on the post says,

"Mga hin*yupak na agency😭😭 tingnan niu ginawa sa mama ko😭😭 anong tingin niu sakanya aso?😭😭 mga bwesitt kaya pala d Kayo nag sisend ng picture Kasi ganito ang ginawa niu😭😭 siguro buhay pa si mama kinuha niu na ang mga internal organs nia😭😭 Tapos sasabihin niu heart attck? Mga hinayupak ang inexpect ko pagdating ni mama maganda sha naka pikit mata pero Hindi e😭😭 para sya binalian ng leeg😭😭 siguro sinakal pato!😭😭mga agency na walang puso! Sana mamatayan din Kayo😭😭 sabi naka imbalsamo ! Nakaimbalsamo bayan? June 22 sya namatay ininject niu lang tas freeze??😭😭 agency lahat ng pangako niu samin kahit isa walang natupad😭😭 d Kau naawa sa mama ko😭 ginawa niu shang parang hayop😭😭 mga hinayupak na horas agency at agency sa kuwait mga put*ng INA ninyo!
Sana mabigyan ng justice pagkamatay ni mama sobrang kinawawa sya din😭
Guys don't scroll to type Amen for my other
Please Share 😭"
Sana mabigyan ng justice pagkamatay ni mama sobrang kinawawa sya din😭Guys don't scroll to type Amen for my otherPlease Share 😭"

At first you would thought that it's editted and waxed. However, it is her mom's real dead body.

 On the comments, Valerry said that her mom has been working at Kuwait for years. As per agency, her mom died due to Heart Attack last June 22 and they just found out July 14.

On the other hand, a netizen was found to have used the picture of her mom as a meme for an Attack On Titan by a Maria Juana account which currently is already deactivated. She proudly posted it that she just used photoshop c6 and posted it to make fun of. 

Wherein Valerry Quedding discovered it immediately and shared it on his post, bombarded with curses to the person who made it. On the post, some comments say that it is one of the consequences of him posting the pictures of her mom's remains on Social Media. 

Apparently, the account of Maria Juana who posted the meme can no longer be found on Facebook, but still he mobbed with negative comments as for the insensitivity she'd shown. Here are some of the reaction of the Netizens on the meme.

Valery Quedding is now on schedule with different interviews to ask for help to get justice from what happened to his mom. As the death may seems suspicious as she was asking for help according to one of the Netizen's post, even before this happened. 

Well, to the family of Valery Quedding, Philippines Reports team are extending our heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. To the one who posted this as meme, we believe you now learned your lesson. 

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Source: PHReports

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