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Spreading Lies ng Rappler Tungkol Sa Hindi Inimbita si Duterte sa G20 Summit Inulan ng Batikos

A concerned netizen named Van Ybiernas lambasts the newest article posted by Pia Ranada on Rappler which questioned the non-invitation of Pres. Rody Duterte in the G20 Summit in Germany. Pia Ranada used the title "Snubbed? ASEAN Chairman Duterte Wasn't Invited in the G20 Summit."

According to the concerned netizen Van Ybiernas, he is not sure of what's the basis of Pia Ranada for saying that ASEAN Chair is "usually" invited as guest to G20 Summit.

The article of Pia Ranada Robles an alleged bias reporter working for Rappler, did not sit well among the supporters of Pres. Duterte who took to social media and criticized the journalist for her misleading article.

Van Ybiernas burns Rappler's Ranada Robles for spreading lies through her article as he explained that the reasons why Pres. Duterte was not invited was due to the fact that it is the host country's prerogative to invite whoever it wants to invite to the G20 Summit.

The concerned netizen also noted on his explanations that this is not the first time that an ASEAN Chair was not invited in the G20 Summit because during the year 2011 France did not invite ASEAN, but they invited states and organizations from the Middle East.

Here's the Complete Statement of Van Ybiernas:

Not sure what Ranada and Rappler's basis is for saying ASEAN Chair is "usually" invited as guest to G20 Summit...

It is the host country's prerogative to invite whoever it wants to invite to the G20 Summit. Thus, the invitation is a reflection of the host country's ties with either ASEAN as a whole or the country occupying the chairmanship. G20 as an organization does not make this decision.

So 2016 host China invited the ASEAN Chair because of close relations with ASEAN itself and with Lao PDR, which is one of its strongest "allies" in ASEAN.

Turkey invited the Malaysian PM in 2014 because of close ties between the two secular Muslim states and because Turkey wants better ties with ASEAN.

Australia ---OF COURSE!--- invited ASEAN in Brisbane for obvious reasons.

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why? Bwahahahahahahha

DAGDAG: We weren't invited by Germany I guess because Germany doesn't have massive interests in the Philippines. Plus Phl-German relations soured because of that long controversy in NAIA3 involving German firm Frapport.

Niloloko na naman tayo ng mga manloloko sa Rappler!

Huwag paloloko mga kababayan!

Source: Van Ybiernas FB Page

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