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SHOCKING NEWS ! German Leader Angela Merkel : Duterte is one of the “Giants of the 21st Century”

BERLIN – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has hailed President Rodrigo Duterte for his devotion to the battle against unlawful drugs and fear based oppression in the Philippines, portraying him as one of the “Giants of the 21st century,” and compared him to other notable world pioneers like Benjamin Netayanhu, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Nelson Mandela.
The German Chancellor was talking at a meeting Thursday evening with some business administrators from Asia in Berlin, in a more extensive push to contact littler Asian forces, which have felt disregarded by the German government lately; guaranteeing them of the German sense of duty regarding the district, and building up a superior comprehension of their vital difficulties.
President Rodrigo Duterte who is amazingly mainstream locally, is increasing overall notoriety for his solid sense of duty regarding wiping out illegal drugs from his nation. As of late, he has gone under colossal reactions from different human rights associations for cheer-driving a lethal crusade that has executed a huge number of Filipinos.
As indicated by the German leader, the world needs extremely intense pioneers like President Duterte in battling large portions of the hazards perplexing the world today. She piled adulates on the Philippines pioneer for his boldness and depicted his endeavors as a stage the correct way considering the weight and tremendousness of the conditions in the Philippines.
Duterte additionally got commended for his treatment of one of the world’s quickest developing economies, Philippines, and an approach plan equipped towards supporting farmers and private companies, creating foundation and battling neediness in a nation where a fifth of the general population live on under $1 a day.
As a Filipino, we are all proud of our elected president now despite of the fact that there are many people who wants to bring him down. We are always here for him, for his battle against illegal drugs and for the betterment of our country. Are you one of us? Share your thoughts in the comment and Share this news in your own timeline in social media. Let us start a brigade of defending our President and sharing factual news for him. – Proud Pinoy

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