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SHOCKING: Footage Shows Man Falling To His Death After Parasailing Went Horribly Wrong! Watch Here!

PHUKET THAILAND - Tragedy strikes Australian pensioner Roger John Hussey , 70, as he plunges to his death when his parasailing activity went horribly wrong in Kata Beach around 2pm local time.

He was last seen waving and smiling in a footage taken by her wife as he was being prepared  by local instructors for parasailing.

But only a few moments after his flight, Roger came untied from his equipment and fall from over 100ft into the shallow waters below him.

His wife, stunned of what had just transpired, was able to take a video of the whole incident.

Intructors from the parasailing company and local emergency services immediately came to John's aid and tried to rushed hin to Patong Hospital but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Deputy chief inspector, Lt Col Suwisit Keereerak, stated that police officer had already started the investigation.

They had arrested the parasilor Rungroj Rakscheep, 38, and Montien Chandeng, 45, the boat captain and had been charged with recklessness leading to death.

They disclose to the police that Mr Hussey had accidentally pulled on a hook which unstrapped his harness. This caused him to fall to the sea below.

It was however currently uncertain weather Mr Hussey had died of his injuries after the impact or drowned as they await the results of the post mortem examination.

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Click the link to watch video: DAILYMAIL VIDEO

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