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SEXUAL HARASSMENT : This Woman Was Too Afraid To Speak Out While Being Sexually Harassed in a Jeep – Gets Help From a Witness!

A serious problem facing any woman in this modern age is the threat of s*xual harassment by perverts. It’s an unfortunate fact that many women, at some point in their lives, have been s*xually harassed in some form or another, as many statistics have shown.
This is because many people tend to view women as objects to be used for s*x.
Society has a strange relationship with such cases. While women are encouraged to speak up on abuses they’ve experienced, they are also shut down by doubters and those who victim shame.
Skeptical people, who are mostly male, tend to blame a woman for being s*xually harassed because of what she wore, the places goes to or generally accuse her of being promiscuous.
What these people don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter what a woman wears or how her attitude is – harassment is harassment.
netizen shares her story of how she experienced the trauma of s*xual harassment and of how a concerning by-stander helped film the accused pervert.
Bear in mind that this was the woman’s outfit on that day: a simple shirt, jacket and long pants.
Netizen Lucila Grace Bernardino said that she rode a jeepney towards Waltermart. A man wearing a jacket sat beside her despite the extra space in the jeep. She didn’t want to stereotype the man as a r*pist but began noticing certain “hand-gestures” he was doing under his jacket.
Later on her fears were confirmed when she found out he kept attempting to touch her breasts and legs. She felt too afraid to speak out. Fortunately for her, the pervert realized that he was being too obvious and backed away from her.
Ms. Bernardino felt helpless until she got help from the man sitting in front of her. This stranger asked “Hinipuan ka ba niya?” This Good Samaritan then sat beside the netizen and showed her that he had recorded his face although couldn’t record the harassment that took place before.
Unfortunately this pervert’s face was obscured by a mask – so his identity cannot be verified.

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