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If all we do is allow past Conditioned Mind Patterns to control our life in the present, our future is pretty much determined for us. It’s the fear of the unknown the keeps one stuck in the familiarity of the past.

What keeps the past in place is our fear of the unknown. It is much easier to remain in a familiar setting of the past than to venture out into the unknown. Although it’s not beneficial to live from the past, it’s our own mind that tells us to do this. There is no truth in the past, there’s only attachment to a lie. The Buddha called this lie Mara. He would say “I see you Mara” and just like that, the lie would give way to truth, but to see the lie one must know the lie is in place. To not know the lie, is simply to not know the truth. Only the truth can set you free, and only if it’s Universal Truth and not some story of what one thinks truth is. And how will you know this truth? When the mind is quiet truth is revealed and in this truth whatever it is you fear will fall away, fear can’t exist where there is existence of truth.

Our lack of truth is our down fall, not because it’s bad or good, but because it keeps us locked into Conditioned Mind Patterns that makes for the habit of repeating unloving behavior. To overcome this, the unloving conditioning in place has to be overcome. If this doesn’t occur, the squirrel cage mind will remain in control and the love that can overcome fear will be blocked as one will continue to live a lie and repeat the same unloving behavior that is harmful to all beings and our precious planet. This is the reason one is not happy and at peace all the time, if this isn’t known, the unloving conditioning in place will keep running the show; life can’t be lived any other way. This is what makes us remain attached to the familiarity of the past and pretty much has our future already determined. This can change, but only if you can say “I see you Mara”.

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