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NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY: Wife Found Husband Dead In Sofa After Last Night's Heated Argument!

Wellington, Somerset, England - Ashey Murrell had a heated argument with his husband, Mikey,  the night of May 16 after the latter returned home late coming from his 16-hour shift as a carpet cleaner. He was then asked by Ashley to spend the night in the sofa instead of their bedroom.

"I had a go at him and told him to sleep on the sofa which was stupid because I really just wanted him around more." she said.

She woke up next morning to find out that her had husband died in his sleep, 'exactly where she left him'.

"When I came out of the bedroom and saw him the next morning I knew something was wrong straight away. He was lying exactly where I left him and his face was all discoloured - he looked grey."

"I walked over and touched him but he was cold and I jumped back and ran out the room. I started screaming 'your dad's dead' to my 14-year-old and ran into the street screaming 'Mikey's dead."

"I blacked out and had to be carried back into the house by neighbours. It felt so surreal, I couldn't process it. I didn't feel like he was dead, I felt like he had left me."

"When the ambulance came and they confirmed he was dead I collapsed onto the floor and I was sick. Nothing made sense.
I felt so guilty. I was so angry with myself for making him sleep on the sofa. I still find it so hard to think that my last words to him were out of anger." she said.

Mrs. Murrell  soon learned that Mikey had been spending extra hours of work as a preparation for their anniversary on July 3 in which he plans to take her to Prague.

"When I found out he'd been saving to take us on an anniversary holiday it was awful - heartbreaking doesn't begin to cover it.
'Losing Mikey has changed my entire perspective on life. Life is too short to go to bed angry and not to spend every moment you can with your family."

Ashley shared how hard Mikey had worked for extended hours for their family, specially for their children.

"He absolutely loved his family. He wanted his kids to have all the things in life that he didn't and he worked so hard to make that happen."

"He would work 16-hour shifts, seven days a week just so he could save up enough to take us all to Disney every year. He was so worn out but he would do anything just to see us smile."

'But the hours he was working were just getting too much. He was so exhausted all the time and he was running himself into the ground and his health was going downhill fast.
'When he came home that night he was a mess, I have never seen him so exhausted. I couldn't stand seeing him like that and I got angry. I was sick of it."

She also mention that her husband, after suffering a back injury from weight lifting and spinal arthritis in 2014, continued to push himself to the limit for them.

"After his injury Mikey never properly healed. Even when he was at his worst he would push himself with work and any time he had off he'd be doing everything with the kids"

"I knew something like this was going to happen, I knew he was doing too much but you can never prepare yourself for this.
'Explaining it to the kids has been one of the hardest parts. I didn't at first but they kept asking when daddy was coming home. Now my little boy always asks if we can visit daddy in heaven - it's really hard"

"Some days are easier than others and I think I'm doing OK but then a day comes along where every little thing is a reminder.
'The other day I was driving along and the kids were singing in the back and it was all so happy but then I just started having flashbacks about finding him. It's going to be like that for a while.
'It's going to be tough doing all the firsts without him. I already had our first anniversary alone. All I know is that my feelings for him will never go away. He was too amazing to even describe him in words."

Ashley stated that according post-mortem examination, Mikey choked while he was asleep. However the reason behind the incident is still yet to be determined.

Ashley and Mikey met in 2007 and got married in 2010.

"Go kiss your loved ones and tell them you care. Let them know you love them as they may not always be there"

Say goodnight at bedtime and always kiss goodbye because one day, you never know, they may grow wings and fly."

"Live everyday as if it's your last and let go of bad things in the past. Our lives are too short and they go fast." she shared in her eulogy for her husband's funeral held last June 8.

Mickey was survived by her wife along with her daughter, Morgan, 14 years of age and their twins, Mickey Junior and Lisa.

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