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Netizens React To Video Showing A Remittance Center Employee Being Cursed By A Customer!

On 7:38am of July 7, a video was posted on Kuya Erwin Tol page showing a guy who scolds an employee. The reason was not really shown nor how it really started. However, the Netizens triggered to comment down their different opinion and hate to this guy.
Caption says, "Loko tong mokong na ito na pumasok sa LBC, sya pa ang galit, eh wala sya valid ID's, graduate pa ata itong tolongges na ito sa UP tapos nagwawala sa loob at nakikita pa ng ibang customers.""Ayun na-videohan ka tuloy. Sikat ka na"
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This unknown guy keeps on insisting that he has the corresponding needed Identification and that he has 3 ID's he can show to the employee. But this employee has this policy to follow and he can not just give out the money without the required Identification cards on the list.

As this guy was becoming irate, there is a lady on the video who keep on stopping him. And seems to making him calm and to have a clear mind first. However, the anger still risen and the guy continue to curse the employee. 

Swallowed by anger, the customer asked to take a picture of the employee's ID and threaten that he will post it to Facebook. Apparently, he seems to have no idea that someone has been taking a video of their conversation and now trending online.

Different reactions of Netizens have now mobbed the comment section. Others agree to the employee that he must be firm on their policy, since it's the safety of their customers is their concern. 

Others agree to the customer and even question why it's very hard to get the remittances. They even added that getting ID cards in the Philippines are costly.

 Since it was said on the caption that this guy seems to be a UP graduate, others posted that not all educated person are well mannered. Including this p

Watch the Full video on this link: Facebook

What do you think with this incident? You are free to comment down your opinions and share us your thoughts.

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