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MUST SEE: The Real Life 'RAPUNZEL' You Wouldn't Believe Exists! Really Amazing!

The 27-year-old, who lives in the city of Barnaul in south-central Russia's Altai Krai region, says she will not trim her impressive mane until it reaches her toes.

Daria began growing her hair 14 years ago when a friend bet her that she could not grow her hair long enough to braid it.

Determined to achieve the challenge, she stopped visiting her hairdresser and began letting her hair go free.

Now, she is hailed as a modern day Rapunzel thanks to her incredible look which resembles that of the character in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, who is confined to a tower but lets down her long golden hair so a prince can climb up to her.

Daria, who has more than 218k followers on social media, estimated that her hair is almost six feet long.

The long-haired Russian revealed: "I always say, that there is no secret [in my long hair].

"First of all it is genetics. My mother and grandmother had long hair."

"The most important thing is not to use dyes, chemicals, take care of my hair, and make treatments. Usually I use old wives' recipes and wraps made from vegetable oil or sour cream."

And the Siberian, from Barnaul City, has kept her head on her shoulders despite her rocketing fame.

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