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Mother Who Confessed Having S*x While Breastfeeding Responds To Her Critics.

Breastfeeding a child is the best thing a Mom can give. The nutrition of breastmilk is uncomparable to any other milk. 

Nowadays, it is always a battle if breastfeeding can be publicly done. Still people have different reactions to this.

San Diego - Tasha Maile, a vegan blogger, and breastfeeding advocate responded to her critics after receiving backlash from netizens about the clip she uploaded to You Tube around 2015 where in she confessed of having sex with her ex-husband while at the same time breastfeeding one of her children.

The mother of three, said her baby was 'not involved', but simply 'there'.

"If you actually listen to the , my three-month-old would not allow me to put him down at all,' [He was] attached to me 24/7." she said.

She had clarified that her baby was sleeping next to them as her husband was making love and urged the people to stop judging her.

Tasha, who have clips as she breasfeeds uploaded on her You Tube account, had received mixed reactions from the Netizens.

Her Facebook comments about her breastfeeding video generally had a negative tone.

While a number of comments came from her detractors, being critical with the right age for breastfeeding and having them posted on social media, a few had shown their support for her advocacy.

"Sex is a beautiful thing - I think we can all agree with that." she said as a closing remark to her video response.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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