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LOOK: Photos of Maute Group Nag-viral sa Social Media

The photos of the Maute Terror Group members have been exposed by the Facebook page “TULFO News” in the social media.

Maute Terror Group was the responsible for ongoing conflict and terrorism in Marawi City. They were the group who turned the entire city into a chaotic scenery and severely affects all of its residents.

The siege in Marawi City has started when the government forces have raided the alleged hideout of Isnilon Hapilon, the leader of the Abu Sayyaf and alleged Amir of ISIS here in the Philippines.

Maute Terror Group

Hapilon calls for reinforcement from the Maute Group who fought back the government forces, which triggered the siege in Marawi City. The residents of the besieged city already leave the area for their own safety.

President Rodrigo Duterte has also declared martial law in the entire region of Mindanao Island for 60 days to handle the current situation in the province. The brave soldiers are currently assigned in the city to address the current problem in the beleaguered city.

The official Facebook page of “TULFO News” has uploaded the photo of Maute Group members, which is now circulating in the social media. The page also urges the public to remember their faces to prevent them from escaping the crime they have committed.

Maute Terror Group

The photos have a caption of:

“Tandaan niyo ang pag mumukha ng mga Maute Terrorists. Kung sakaling makalabas sila ng buhay sa Marawi city, Ang mga Maute ang unang nagnakaw ng mga kagamitan ng mga bahay sa Marawi city. wag niyo isisi sa mga sundalo”

The photos immediately go viral after it was posted in the social media on Sunday (July 02, 2017). The viral photos have already garnered 3.3k reactions, 9, 766 shares, and 205 comments as of this writing.


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