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LOOK: Disappointed Fans Lashes Out at Jeff Horn and Wife Thru Social Media After Controversial Fight.

There's an old saying in sports industry: "Don't hate the player hate the game".Apparently, the same couldn't be said the same of the recent WBO Welterweight bout yesterday between the 8-Division Champion Manny Pacquiao and Australian Professional Boxer Jeffrey " The Hornet" Horn.

In what many audiences called "controversial" result, Pacquiao lost a hard fought fight via a unanimous decision when the three judges scored it 117-111, 115-113, 115-113 in favor of Horn.

Maddened Manny Pacquiao fans lashes out on his rival, Jeff Horn, via web-based networking media after their legend lost his title battle.

Horn's most recent Facebook post had been flooded  with more than 6,800 reactions, the greater part of them containing demeaning and damaging remarks.

A few remarks were more vile, with users expressing intentions to murder Horn for "cheating" and 'paying off the judges'.

Pacquiao supporters even went to an extent assaulting Horn's wife, Joana, writing horrendous sexist remarks on their old high school photographs.

Horn won against current title holder Pacquiao via a unanimous decision at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium on Sunday to become the new WBO Welterweight Champion.

"He was very tough. It's okay. Part of the game," Manny said as he accepts the judge's decision.

"This is not the best moment of my life, that moment is yet to come with my beautiful wife Joanna, she's pregnant and having our first child"

"Thanks for your love and support."

The 29-year old former teacher revealed in a post-fight interview.

It was the battle that captivated the country, yet not every person was content with the outcome.

Do you think fans went too far in expressing their opinion about the fight? Please comment and share.

SOURCE: Daily Mail Co UK 

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