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Kathryn's Short Hair in La Luna Sangre Identical To Jake Zyrus's According To Netizens.

Kathryn Bernardo, being the 'BAGONG ITINAKDA' (similarly as to a Chosen One), had a very challenging role in La Luna Sangre. She was able to portray the role of "Malia" (daughter of John Lloyd and Angel Locsin) effectively as everyday she has been getting a lot of critics and the show was highly anticipated by Filipinos. 

ABS-CBN posted on July 13, 2017, Thurs, a video of Kathryn Bernardo on short hair. The post was mobbed by Netizens wherein they compared Malia's hair (Kathryn) to Jake Zyrus (formerly Charice Pempengco). They said that the hair was inspired by Jake and they were almost look alike.

Kathryn Bernardo as Malia "Ang Itinakda"

 Jake Zyrus (Formerly Charice)

Kathryn Bernardo's fans were ready to defend and praise Kathryn for being such a versatile actress. She was ready to do anything, even change her looks just to commit with the role she was given.

Due to continuous mob on the comment section of Netizens saying how Kathryn looks Jake Zyrus, different pictures were posted to show how beautiful Kath is. Some of them are these: 

It was really a first for Kath to disguise as a male onscreen and she seems to managed it well. Praises from Netizens continued to flood over the comment section, some of them are these:

Others repeatedly commented that Jake and Malia is now look-a-like. They even call Malia as "MALIA ZYRUS".

Kathryn's fans defend that Kathryn nailed the Short Hair Look and that Malia's look is unidentical to Jake Zyrus.

Whatever Kathryn Bernardo looks, at the end of the day, it's how she act that matters most. Becoming a "ITINAKDA" following Angel Locsin is really one of her most challenging roles since comparison is inevitable. We may say that since she captured the attention of the Netizens to react every single day, means that she has been getting the attention of everyone which is an advantage for their Prime time TV Series "La Luna Sangre". 

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