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Jake Zyrus Plans To Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery!

A lot of Netizens, including her grandmother, were shocked of the previous Charice Pempengco's changing not only her name but her whole personality, now popularly known as Jake Zyrus. 

"Charice is gone." 
Jake Zyrus gave a straight answer while interviewed by Aubrey Carampel on a portion of 24 Oras (24 Hours) in GMA.

"What you're looking at right now is totally (different),  and I do feel like a different person now." Jake confidently added. 

Singer Songwriter, Jake Zyrus (was formerly known as Charice Pempengco) was hoping that the decisions he had will be now accepted by the people he loves. 

As Jake continued, "I'm happy and proud of what my mom said. I know that it wasn't easy for her, but she still managed to really accept everything. So someday, I know that my grandma will come around."

Jake admitted that aside from changing of name, he had decided to remove her breast and now on testosterone injection to achieve his male version. That's the reason why a mustache grows more rapidly, in addition to that, he's also having changing on his voice. 

"No matter what people say, [I know who I am]. I know that I am a man so I'm going to be." He said. 

Was he also considering a gender reassignment? 
He answered it, "It's part of the plan, but years from now. I'm not really rushing everything."

Do you agree with Jake Zyrus decision? Are you still missing the previous Charice Pempengco? Can he get your support on his plans?

Comment down your opinions and share us your thoughts.

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