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Is Marvin Agustin Married To His Growing Food Empire? From Waiter To Multi-Millionaire!

They say that when you are a celebrity, having money is easy for you. However, others say if you don't know how to handle your money very well, your income would be nonsense.
Marvin Agustin, 36 year old, who is now considered as one of the most successful restaurateurs in the country is enjoying himself on his food business.

Agustin starred in more than 30 Filipino movies and TV series. He was part of ABS-CBN's Star Magic, before moving to GMA Network.

Aside from being actor he is also a chef and entrepreneur. Agustin attended International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management.

According to Entrepreneur Philippines, Agustin is strategic - he is not afraid to use even seemingly unconventional methods to expand his restaurant empire. HOW HE STARTED THE PATH TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP? He started working at 12 years old to support himself on his highschool education. He remembered selling almost everything - from firecrackers to clothes, anything from Tutuban (a famous place in Manila where you can find affordable shopping items).

At 16, he worked as a waiter for a chain of restaurants.

As a celebrity on his early 20s, he invested his first earnings in a doughnut shop franchise and in rice toppings kart business he put up with his sisters.

Entreprenru Philippines added that he also became a silent investor (whose involvement is limited to providing capital to the business) in a friend’s oyster and seafood restaurant.

“By 2005, after going to culinary school, I felt ready to put up my own concept,” said Agustin.

Together with his friends-turned-business partners Raymond Magdaluyo and Ricky Laudico, he saw an opportunity he bravely claimed. “[There's no] casual-dining Japanese restaurants [in the] malls [before], so we thought of coming up with a concept for one," he shared and added that they knew nothing about Japanese cuisine then "but our presentation [to Shangri-La mall’s management] got approved."

Thus, SumoSam was born. Agustin recalled that some people were discouraging them from getting that mall space because many were not able to recoup their investment there." But we trusted our instinct and put in the hard work,” Agustin shared. Then 10 years later, SumoSam has become one of the largest chain restaurants in the Philippines having 25 branches nationwide. Agustin, Magdaluyo and Laudico, in the process, established themselves in the Industry. They opened more concept restaurants over the years.
With his partners, they have now a total of nine brands in their company's portfolio, that includes John and Yoko, Mr.Kurosawa, Akira, and Banzai.

The key is: Constant Innovation and PURE HARDWORK.
“You see the environment and how much it has changed since we first started. You need to evolve because customers can always get what they’re looking for somewhere else,” he said.
Apparently, Agustin analyzed that their strength is in Japanese cuisine so they didn't stop to excite their market and further explored.

Prime examples: SumoSam stays true to its family-friendly, casual dining identity; Mr. Kurosawa and John and Yoko are high-end Japanese fusion concepts; Akira focuses on teppanyaki; Banzai is a buffet-driven restaurant. He got accepted in July 2015, to the Masters in Entrepreneurship program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, and he said it is helping him in unexpected ways.
“Going back to school is making me understand myself more. I realized that there are so many opportunities out there, so it’s important to channel my energy wisely. I’m learning new processes on how to calculate my risks more.”

He also opens his first Restaurant in San Francisco. His business venture already spanned to at least 50 restaurants and 11 brands. And that how he said he is married with his growing food empire because the commitment never stops. 

Are you also inspired on how Marvin Agustin managed his income, from nothing to almost everything? Share us your thoughts and comment down your opinions.

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