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High On Drug Aunt Says Sorry After Killing 1 year old Nephew.

A one-year old boy (Bryan Jay San Agustin) died after her aunt put him inside a cabinet and bound him with a piece of cloth where he got suffocated.

Photo courtesy of News 5
Maria Ruth Mariano, 23 years old, was arrested on Wednesday after a neighbor saw the body of baby Bryan in a canal near their house on Palong street in Barangay 70 , Caloocan City at around 11:30 p.m on Tuesday.

Photo Courtesy of GMA7

Mariano admitted that she was high on drugs when she placed him into a cabinet because his crying annoyed her.

According to Chief Inspector Illustre Mendoza, assistant city police chief, Mariano narrated that at around 5 pm, her nephew was crying and became annoyed by him. She decided to tape the baby’s mouth and bind his limbs with strips of cloth and stuff him in a cabinet, she then took a bath and forgot her nephew afterward.

The baby’s parents got home and were looking for Brian for hours but their baby was nowhere to be found. Mariano then remembered her nephew who was still inside the cabinet. Unfortunately, the baby was already dead due to suffocation.

She took her nephew’s life less body and threw it in the canal where their neighbor Carmelita Bucao saw her and told the baby’ parents.

Binalutan ko ng damit ‘yong bibig, tapos tinape ko, tapos itinago ko sa cabinet [I covered his mouth with a cloth and then I taped it and hid him in the cabinet],” said Maria Ruth Mariano.

“Sorry sa nagawa ko. Inisip ko din kung gawin ‘yon sa mga anak ko [I’m sorry for what I did. I was also thinking if the same thing was done to my children],” said Mariano.
Chief Senior Superintendent Chito Bersaluna said that they did not test her for drugs because she is not facing drug offense. Nevertheless, since she confessed that she was high on drugs when the incident occurred then it will then be used during her trial, he added.

It was indeed another gruesome drug related crime again after the horrifying San Jose Del Monte Bulacan massacre which suspected killers were also reported under the influence of drugs when it happened. WATCH The VIDEO HERE:

It seems like President Digong Duterte war on drugs is now being challenged. Is it really effective? What do you think Netizens?

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