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HEARTBREAKING: Last Words Spoken by Brave Scout Rangers "Mama! mama! Went Viral

“Mama, Mama…”

This were the only words that PFC Jethro Vincent Carlos of the 15th Scout Ranger “Mandirigma” Company came to his mouth while being rushed to the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Iligan City after he and his wounded mates were hit by a hail of bullets from the Maute terrorist in Marawi City, Tuesday, July 4.

Carlos who’s dying at that time, called his beloved mother while his tears streaming down his face.

According to the report of journalist Josephine Jaron Codilla, Jethro was the bravest in his team and performed dangerous task and lobbed a grenade at Maute terrorists holed inside a building a few inches from where he and his companions were located.

“True to what he have sworn as a fighter of our country, Jethro was a warrior, the bravest in his team, volunteering to do stuff other than being his platoon’s radioman,” Codilla wrote.

On the day he died, Carlos performed a risky task that ordinary mortals would not normally do.

Unfortunately, terrorist from another building fired at them and hit the members of the company including  Jethro who fatally suffered a gunshot in the nape.

According to Jethro’s platoon leader 2Lt Rex Busilan, it was heartbreaking to see his very brave buddy, who’s was single, calling out his mother all the way from Marawi to the hospital, only to be declared dead a few minutes upon arrival.

The journalist also said in her post that even the bravest warrior might becomes like a child again and call their love ones when they face death.

Carlos crying for his Mama proves only one thing that a “warrior, no matter how brave, indeed becomes like a child once again, looking for the people he most loves in the face of death.”

Netizens became emotional after they read the story of PFC Carlos.

Netizen Samuel Yunque commented that he fought side by side Carlos when he sustained his fatal injuries. “Kagitingan at katapangan ang pinakita ni PFC Carlos sa laban namin kahapon para sa Inang bayan. Saludo kami lahat sayo. Ituloy namin ang laban. Rest in peace Ranger. Magtagumpay tayo. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas. Hoooaaahh!!!Ranger!!!”

Arnulfo Nelson Albis remarked: “Talagang kahit Saan, nanay pa rin ang tinatawag… Saludo ako sau… Nawa’y sumalangit nawa ang iyong kaluluwa… Pakikiramay sa mga naulila.”

“You may die in a heartbreaking scenery but you have left your mark, your LEGACY. So long our bravest soldier. In behalf of my entire clan, my HIGHEST SNAPPY SALUTE, SIR… A true hero.” Diwani Abao Palamine commented.

As of writing, the Marawi siege death toll breached more than 500, 379 were terrorist and around 91 were government troops.

Source: Josephine Codilla

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