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Girl Loses Money, Receives Help From A Beggar Who Almost Have Nothing. Read Here!

Arah Matampale shared her story on Facebook on how she was at one point, had no cash left, and only the beggar had helped her.

Last June 30, as she was riding on a jeep she was noticed by her friends and called her so as the jeepeny stopped, she got off the jeepney thinking that it would be nicer to take the rest of the ride with her friends.

Unfortunately, she forgot that the driver of the jeepney was not able to give her change. Late that she realized, it was a Php100 bill ($2) she paid.

Later she started seeking for more funds to suffice her fare going to her home. She checked on her things and found nothing. She asked her friends for help but told her, they only have enough money for their own fars and no extra to provide to her.

To her dismay, that she lost her money and none of her friends can help her, a distraught Matampale was trying to figure out how she could get home when a beggar approached her to ask for alms.

She hilarously told the beggar, a 'beki' (gay, that she is contemplating asking for alms as she lost her money.

Photo Credit: Arah Matampale/ Facebook
At first, the beggar thought that she was just joking, even added that it's impossible that she has no money because she's too beautiful to be a beggar. When he found out that Arah is telling the truth, he was very much willing to help. He just said that the next time they saw each other, he will beg for money since that's what he does for living.

The beggar gave her some money he had collected so she could get back home safely. However, Arah somehow felt embarrassed and didn't want to accept the money at first but the gay beggar insisted, and it is getting late already. He's afraid something might happen to her.

So Arah, ended up acceting the offer, touched by the beggar's deeds since that's the only thing that allowed her to go home safely.

According to Matampale, the other day, she went back to the place where they met to reward the beggas but he was no longer there and someone told her that he and the other beggars were taken by DSWD (Department of Social WElfare and Development).

Sometimes in life, we really get help from unexpected people. God have ways how to send His help.

To the good thing this beggar did, we are quite sure that good karma is waiting for him around the corner.

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