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"GADGETS ARE NOT ALLOWED" Look How Jennica Garcia Shares Her Experience Being A 'Full Time Mom', Truly Inspiring!

Jennica Garcia-Uytingco, the daughter of Ms. Jean Garcia, has been on a break from showbiz since 2014, delightfully shared the joys of being a full-time mom.

Together with her husband, Alwyn Uytingco, she provided insights and personal experiences during the first year of their daughter, Athena Mori.

Since Mori was born via normal delivery, Jennica has never left her for more than two hours.

During the baby’s first year, Jennica practically did everything at home, including washing the cloth diapers by hand. Being together constantly has allowed Jennica to discover more about her baby and how she can become a better mother.

“At nine months, she knew how to use the toilet already. She does this [other movement] three times, she’s just sleepy. But if she does it more than three times, it means, she needs to potty.”

“Mori is starting to walk already, and I feel that when I do household chores at home, nagi-guilty ako...'pag inaantay niya ako. There are so many things that we can do like we can go outside to walk in the park, we can color na, we can do arts and crafts together. But we can’t do it because she’s waiting for me while I wash the dishes. So, sabi ko, I think it’s time [to have a helper]…someone lang will do the laundry and help me with the cooking and cleaning of the house.”

She recently got a household helper, who works during daytime and goes home at night. 

 “You know, I believe that all babies are nice,” she beams. “All babies are calm. It’s just that sometimes, we are confused. We’re not sure how we should tend to them.”

She has no problem with Baby Mori getting her hands dirty. She does not "react negatively" when her daughter gets a scratch or bruise.

“[Mori] is not allowed to hold our gadgets also. We try to explain to her as early as now na gadget is for work, so it’s not for her to play with." as she limits Mori's access to electronic gadgets.


Jennica and Alwyn have also been teaching Mori the value of simplicity.

In fact, when she turned two last July 17, the actor did not give her expensive toys.

The former actress revealed on Instagram, "Ang mga regalo ni Tatay Alwyn sa aming anak na si Mori: Two big bags of organic soil, plant box in different sizes and lots of herbs!"

Since then, the daddy and his daughter have made "early Sunday mornings" a day for gardening!

Baby Mori is their "Munting Hardinera."

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