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Father Hilariously Replicates Daughter's Selfies. Check It Here.

A typical father is a serious type of person who will support his siblings no matter what. but what if there's a father who is overly supporting including her selfies.

WASHINGTON - Chris Burr Martin, father-of-three, had spent the last year reproducing his daughter's selfies on INSTRAGRAM with hilarious results.

He initially took copycat images as a form of joke after being aware of his little girl's provocative photos she posted online.

Mr. Martin had pretty much copied every photo ideas her daughters has; from different kinds poses, tattoos, piercings, eyebrows, hairstyles, clothings and most recently, a Snapchat filter that features crown made up of numerous small replicas of his own face.

'She'd been on Instagram for longer than me by far - until recently I barely even understood Facebook!
'No way did I expect such a big reaction, if I'd have known that people all over the world would have seen the photos, I would have at least drawn the tattoos better.' he said in an earlier statement.

Cassie, her daughter who has 71,000 Instagram fans, has already been surpassed by her father who has well over 139,000 followers (almost twice as much as hers).

Would you like to have a father like Burr Martin? Share us your thoughts and comment down your opinions.

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