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Those who don’t understand their lies cannot know truth and therefore remain a slave to the lies. You needn’t have all the answers to know truth, you just need to expose your lies so you’re not enslaved by them.

Nine years ago I began developing a practice of quietness because I started understanding and exposing the lies of what it was to be a slave to the noise, and I say “was” because in truth I am a slave no more. I know the poison of the lies of greed, hate, and delusion and have developed the discipline to not to allow them to control me to a large degree. I know how living selfishly and being judgmental caused not only my suffering, but it caused suffering to those around me as well. Because this is known today I am provided with tools so I can live differently. If there wasn’t exposure of the lies, there wouldn’t be awareness of truth.

The ultimate delusion is by the one who claims to know truth, but doesn’t even understand the lies, this is the place where the majority of people live. I ask you this: Is it arrogant to know the truth by understanding and not being controlled by the lies, or is it arrogant to claim to know truth, but remain enslaved the to lies? Many state that there are different versions of truth and no one can know all truth or truth of another, but it has been through my experience that I have discovered there aren’t different versions of truth, there are only versions of the lies, but a lie is always a lie. When your lies are exposed, you will know truth, and another’s truth can also be known because another’s lies can be known, but this can only be known by knowing your own lies. Remember truth is not about having all the answers, it’s understanding all the lies. The lies the world presents are the gateway to truth because they are the gateway of seeing the lies of greed, hate, and delusion, so it is possible to know all truth, but only when one exposes all your lies.

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