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EXPOSED: Alleged Allocations of Intelligence Funds During Aquino Administration Being Questioned by DILG

Former Secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Sec. Rafael Alunan III questioned the latest expose on social media about the alleged allocations given to the Philippine Congress for their Intelligence Funds during the last year of the Aquino administration.


A graph is now going viral on social media showing the huge percentage of Intel Funds being released to Congress  during the year 2016. The data gathered from the graph allegedly came from the Commission on Audit (COA).

Based upon the graph published on social media, the Philippine Congress received at least P1.4 Billion in Intel funds, the biggest so far followed by the Senate Intel Funds which stands at 298 million.

According to Rafael Alunan why would Cogress hold on to intelligence funds when its role is t make laws and provide oversight? The Congress is also not an operating unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) or of the PNP.

Aside from Raffy Alunan, a veteran scout ranger Abe Purugganan also took to social media and spoke against the madness and irresponsibilities of the intel funds allocation. He also questioned the need of Congress for intel funds when their jos is make laws and not intelligence work.

Raffy Alunan also noted that huge allocation of intel funds for Congress used could be reasons why we were screwed by the enemies.

Here's the Complete Statement of Former DILG Sec. Rafael Alunan III:

WTF? Is this correct? It's supposed to if it's from COA based on its 2016 audit, the last year of Daang Matuwid. What was it like since 1999? Is it unchanged today? It better be.

Why would Congress hold on to intelligence funds when its role is to make laws and provide oversight? Goddam, it isn't an operating unit of the AFP or of the PNP. 

Malfeasance and misfeasance come to mind. What else? No wonder we're screwed by the enemy from without. They have help from the enemy within. And they're quick to accuse the security sector of intelligence failures? 

If that graph is correct, then that explains the state of the nation where vested interests come before national interests. Where malgovernance reigns over a hapless society. That's what PRRD is up against.

Agree or disagree?

Source: Rafael Alunan FB Page


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