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By not attaching to time, breaking life into segments isn’t needed because it’s realized it’s always Now, but not the concept of Now, just Now as in where your feet are.

Always watching the clock is just like watching your life go by. Tick tock tick tock, those precious moments gone forever. They may survive as a memory, but a memory is only a story, once the moment passes it’s gone forever. I see people constantly wishing their life away by always watching the clock. I was once an avid clock watcher as I always wanted to be somewhere other then where I was. This was how life was broken up into segments for me as if work, play, chores, and whatnot were different. The only reason these were perceived differently was because of the conditioning in place that made it so. The fact of the matter is wherever you go there you are so from the time existence begins, to the time the vessel (your body) can’t sustain its current form, life is continuous. There is no stoppage of time that breaks it up into segments, it’s only the way the clock is watched and how one attaches to it that does this. To me whatever it is that’s occurring, I’m present for it. By not attaching to time, segments aren’t needed because it’s realized it’s always Now, but not the concept of Now, just Now as in where your feet are.

Days off, work days, vacation, retirement, Doctor appointments, general mishaps, shopping, play time, and on and on, in the blink of an eye they arise and are gone, but they events are stored in our memory to be used when desired. There is no reality to time except to be used for structural purposes. Time has its usefulness and is needed to plan things, but that’s about it. Watching time go by is like watching your life go by, it disconnects you from truly being with the moment as it occurs. The next moment isn’t truly better than the one right here, but the Conditioned Mind will tell you it is and if you listen to it, you will be lost watching the clock. Understand it’s your life that you are watching go by and one day there won’t be a you to watch the clock because just like that one day you will be out of time.

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