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Claudine Barretto Files NBI Complaint Against her Baby's Basher

It has been reported recently on how Ms. Claudine Barretto slammed basher who called her 2- year old  daughter Quia “Batang Lansangan” and “Ugly” on her Instagram account. As a mother she has to defend her daughter and posted her strong message against her baby’s basher.

"She (Quia) cannot talk. She cannot defend herself. God gave her to me and it's my duty and responsibility to be a mother and to protect my child”. She said.

She posted:
“To my Palanggas & Claudians I just saw this message today from this heartless person named_______BASHING MY DAUGHTER. If anyone knows this stupid person pls let me know where i can contact her.mess with my kids you messed with me! ANO BANG GINAWA NG ANAK KONG 2YEARS old na si Quia sayo____?”

It seems like Ms. Barreto is not yet done and the battle has just about to begin. The actress went to Cybercrime Division of the  National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Wednesday to file a complaint against Peggy Enriquez who recently made distasteful remarks  on her newly-adopted daughter.

Cyber Crime Division Chief Martini Cruz said “If the NBI finds enough evidence against the basher, she could face charges for violation of Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act (Republic Act 9262) and Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act (Republic Act 7610).”

Based from some reports Enriquez was willing to make a public apology. However, Ms. Barreto said that the damage has already done to her family which means that she won’t accept any public apology from her.

She said in an interview "It's too late. If she did it the first day, second day (after the incident) but right now?"
"I cannot fight all the battles of my children but those that I'm supposed to fight because they're young and they have no voice, I will. 'Pag anak mo na ang tinira, wala tayong sinasanto."

"Kung kaya niya gawin ito sa isang artista na may mga koneksyon, ano pa kaya ang ordinaryong tao na ang ibu-bully mo? And what does that say of a person na ang bata, iba-bash mo, tatawagin mong pangit at batang lansangan? Naghahanap ka ng gulo."
According to Claudine, she hoped that her complaint would serve a lesson to any person committing cyber bullying.

So for all netizens out there, “Think before you type” that is an anti-cyber bullying and positive self-esteem campaign which we always have to remember.

Source: GMA, Sun Star

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