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Entrepreneur Roberto Almario was attending to business in his comfortable Metro Manila office in May when he received a letter from the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

It was a summon for the 48-year-old businessman to report for active service as a lieutenant colonel in the Army reserve.
Almario told Inquirer reporter that he did not hesitate and accepted the 60-day call to active duty, he also said his not alone there are three of them who are now active in duty; one is a senior vice president of a bank, while the other is an IT expert.
“Last month, I was a businessman. Now, I’m a soldier,” said Almario, a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas.
Almario said wearing military fatigues was not really an honored for him because of his Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) in college and his involvement with the Army Reserve Command (Arescom) but in actual situation were you will need to learn how to hit.
Col. Alex Aduca, the commander of the Army’s 4th Mechanized Battalion based in Lanao del Norte province said aid those under category A—the younger reservists—were tapped as standby forces or reserve combatants, while those under category B—the middle- aged ones—were assigned to man checkpoints.

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