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Are You Living In One of These 15 Countries With The Most Beautiful Women On Earth?

Have you ever thought about which countries have the most beautiful women?

Maybe for most of us, we recognized beautiful women around the globe through prestigious beauty contest  such as Miss Universe, Miss  World and among others in which around 80 to 100 countries send beautiful young ladies to compete.

Since each candidate represents their country, winning the title for the most beautiful woman could actually elevate country’s national pride of beauty.

Nevertheless, as we always say  “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”  which is undeniably  true because it will actually depends on how you define and see it, that varies on your personal preferences.

But according to some research, it is revealed that from 195 countries around the world there are some countries that are filled with most gorgeous women compared to others.

Let’s check the Top 15 list of countries with most beautiful women:

15. PhilippinesTheir striking morena look makes their beauty incomparable. Philippines is second in the world for the most placements in top beauty pageants.

14. United KingdomTop models and famous celebrities are most likely come from United Kingdom. British women are considered smart, educated, attractive and fashionable. They are also appealing with a diverse mix of cultural looks and colors.

13. Australia Their beauties are different from blonde to brunettes. Most of them have fun-loving and outgoing personalities which makes them more attractive.

12. United State of AmericaPretty American girls are self-confident, friendly, independent and smart. They often very conscious in regards with their beauty and health.

11. Canada Girls from Canada are educated fun-loving and physically fit. Their beauty comes from diverse multicultural background.

10. The NetherlandsDutch women are already look like models and do not put much effort to somehow embellish their look. In the Netherlands you can more often meet a woman on a bike than driving a car. Dutch women are very fond of sports and have active lifestyles. They are very educated and independent. Most of them try to build a good career.

9. ItalyMost Italian women have a good sense in fashion. They are classy, good posture and have lots of self confidence.

8. Venezuela- They actually hold the records for winning numerous beauty pageants titles. They are stunningly beautiful, tall, sexy and attractive.

7. Russia- Russian girls are most likely tall,pretty blonde with blue eyes, clever and possessed an intriguing personality.  Their country is known for the home of outstanding beauty in the world.

6. Colombia- Colombian girls have family oriented values and loving. Their looks are very attractive with their natural tans and dark brown hair.

5. Argentina- Argentinian girls are most likely tall, blonde Germans mixed with olive skinned Mediterranean which  gives you a taste of some of the genetic mixes . They are also obsessed with fashion.

4. Denmark- Danish girls are typically have fair skin and petite features. They are also thinner and average height. They do spend a good amount of time on their appearance and take great care of themselves.

3. Ukraine- Ukrainian women in general possess certain positive qualities and characteristics, and these include their appearance and personality traits. Femininity is very important to them, they take great care to look their best and wear clothing that enhances their attributes.

2. Brazil- Brazilian women are widely known for their beauty, sensuality, exoticness and femininity. They are also friendly and outgoing in nature.

1. Sweden-  Sweden has already been declared the home to the most beautiful women on this planet, Swedish women are way hotter than you can imagine. Their top-notch beauty, angelic personality and the attitude in which they carry themselves are outstanding.

Would you love to be here in this countries or are you already living with the most beautiful women on earth?

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