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A Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Fingers Now Faces Charges. Find Out Why!

Domestic violence has been widely reported in Muslim countries these days and it is considered by many to be a problem in Muslim-majority cultures.

In Bangladesh, a muslim country about 40% report having experienced domestic violence from their intimate partner, and 50% in rural regions report experiencing sexual violence according to World Health Organization (WHO). Since 90% of women in Bangladesh are practicing Muslims, it means that many muslim women are victims of physical domestic violence in this country.

Recently, there was another domestic violence incident again in Bangladesh wherein a jealous husband  cuts-off her wife’s fingers just to stop her from pursuing her degree.

Hawa Akhter 21 years old was tricked by her husband Rafiqul Islam 30 years old, by saying he has a surprise for her. He blindfolded, taped her mouth and then chopped her five fingers on the right hand, which she uses to write. Rafiquil relative threw her fingers in the waste so that doctors won’t be able to reattach them.

Rafiqul Islam who is also a migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has already warned his wife before going back to Bangladesh saying that she would face serious consequence if she won't  give up her studies.

Hawa recounted “After he came back to Bangladesh, he wanted to have a discussion with me. Suddenly he blindfolded me and tied my hand. He also taped my mouth saying that he would give me some surprise gifts. But, instead, he cut off my fingers”

The husband then admitted that he was jealous because his wife is pursuing higher studies while he only finished grade 8. According to Bangladesh police chief, Mohammed Saluddin, Rafiqul now faces charges of permanent disfiguration.

Despite Akhter’s ordeal, she is still very determine to pursue her degree and continue her studies. She is now learning to write using her left hand.

Hawa Akhter’s story is just one of many other domestic violence in the Muslim community. What can you say about their story? Share your thoughts and comment down your opinions below.
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